We were born and have lived in Tuscany all of our life, and even as youngsters we intrinsically knew that we lived in a city and countryside of unparalled beauty. Growing up in an atmosphere where meeting your friends at the corner, means meeting your friends next to the statue of David, going out to buy a gelato means meandering along the Arno shores and across the Ponte Vecchio, where at every corner you look down the ancient narrow streets ,and each one that seems to be the set for a movie,- all of this instills an appreciation and knowledge of beauty which accompanies our lives.

After all of our travels worldwide, we also came home happily – not just because of our family and friends,but for the ancient beauty and modern pace of our unique home. And the more we became conscious of this fact, the more we liked the idea to share our good fortune with whoever is just passing through as a visitor. We thought that opening our home would be the best way for us to keep in contact with people from all over the world, and to offer them our love for our city ,welcoming them into a friendly, local family sharing the warmth, fun and even the joy of our three year old daughter, Mina. An unforgettable vacation!