Close your eyes and imagine that you are visiting Florence , Italy. Imagine a perfect Mediterranean sunshine day. Emerge yourself in the Renaissance city, a cool cobblestone side-street, a glorious sunny piazza,and the most prized museums in the world. Imagine the perfect ending to a perfect day, snuggled in a place that feels just like home. Imagine the silence of a beautiful Tuscan garden as you look onto Galileo's observatory, - a garden where you can relax and have a cocktail before dinner. This magical place exists and Lynda, Francesco and their daughter Mina are expecting you in their villa, their home, recently remodeled, which they are sharing with guests and travelers from all over the world.

The villa has four rooms for their guests, furnished and decorated by Lynda and Francesco (he's an architect) in their personal taste acquired through travel, passion and a continual pursuit of colors ,fabrics, and light.