CasaDiMina is found in one of the most exclusive and special parts of Florence. The neighborhood has been coveted by the Florentines themselves for hundreds of years owing to its traditional Tuscan green landscapes, centuries old trees, historical villas, and all this just a short walk from downtown Firenze. It is place that has remained exactly like many of the paintings in the Uffizi!

From Viale Torricelli you can reach the ancient walls of Porta Romana, one of the gates to the city built in the early 1300's and then stroll on until you arrive at the famous Boboli Gardens in only 15 minutes. Continuing your walk reach Piazza Pitti, Via Maggio, Piazza Santo Spirito and experience the atmosphere of the authentic Florence, where still today you find artisans, antique shops, bars and osterie of the movida florentina

Turning right from the front door of CasaDiMina you can amble along the panoramic boulevard that takes you to Piazzale Michelangelo where you can admire the breathtaking view of the hills that surround the city and where you admire the size and beauty of the Duomo together will all of the other monuments glistening along the Arno River.